Sunday, November 9, 2008

Greenpoint Shopping Love

Lately I've been really broke, and when I'm broke, I feel the urge to spend money I don't have. I've been trying REALLY hard not to spend (eating PB&J or rice for every meal) but sometimes I just can't help myself.

A few weeks ago when searching online for a spy camera with which to take secret subway photos, I came across this totally awesome "Secret Book Camera."

This thing looks so totally cool, and Fred Flare, the store that sells it, is in my very own neighborhood! (On Meserole @ Leonard St.) Today I just had to make the trip to see what other neat things they had in store. When I saw that everything in the store was majorly cute and relatively cheap, my head nearly blew off. I started sweating and getting dizzy, moving around the store and drooling on all the things I want there, like this winter jacket that is only $35 (!!)

and this amazing LED Motherboad Menorah

But I pretty much shit my pants when I saw this wall of little mini cameras:

These little guys, called Ikimono cameras, are the most fabulous thing ever. Here is why:
- they come in cute assorted colors
- there is a tiny animal on the top of each camera. you get your choice between a lady bug, a bee, a whale, a hedgehog, a dog or a squirrel. You can view them all here.
-they're SO tiny! The camera without the film in it is like 1/4 the size of my cellphone.

As you may have predicted, I couldn't resist. At $22, the thing was a steal. Here's me with my exciting new camera after I figured out how to put the film in it:It was hard to choose between the whale and the hedgehog, but I think I made the right pick. I can't wait to test it out and get the film developed. Because of my little Ikimono, you can look forward to some new subway fashion shots soon.

Basically, Fred Flare is awesome and as soon as I get paid, I'm gonna buy out the whole store. If you don't live in Greenpoint and can't make it to the store, fear not! You can shop at the online store.

As I'm typing this, MTV's True Life: I'm Addicted To Shopping is playing. I find my story of shopping weakness to be strikingly similar to the plight of these girls... perhaps I should check myself into therapy.

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