Monday, October 13, 2008

2 Shows and 2 Celeb Sightings in 2 Days

I went to two awesome shows and saw two reality celebs last week. Jealous? Here's all the fabulous details...

The first celeb I saw was none other than Whitney Port of The Hills fame. She was walking down Park Ave. @ 16th St talking to a friend. I suspect she is in NY filming her knew The Hills spin-off called The City (ooo clever title) where she will be seen working for Diane Von Furstenberg. Whitney was walking with a pretty, well-put together brunette who I suspect was Olivia Palermo. Whit, on the other hand, did not look so hot. She was wearing a dumpy looking long sleeved tie-dye shirt and jogging pants. Maybe she had just finished working out. There were no cameras around and the girls seemed to be speaking candidly. I caught part of what Whitney was saying: "He like, felt needed. You know what I mean?" Typical Whitney line.

That evening I was still reeling from my fabulous Whitney Port sighting while shopping at Wholefoods. While perusing the cheese section, I heard the woman next to me shrieking on her cell phone. "Oh My GAWD! The sexy guy from Top Chef is here!" she squealed. Which of course, could only mean Sam. I'm pretty sure he is the only sexy guy ever to have appeared on top chef, and in fact, I would even venture to say he is sexxxy. I searched around the store for him, checking the fruit aisle in case he was thinking of making more of his famous watermelon gnocchi... but alas, he wasn't there. But then... when I went to check out, there he was, just a few registers down! I snapped a shitty cellphone pic of him in all his splendor:
And then I followed him outside. I was going to profess my undying love for him and offer to be his egg cracker, or whatever other kind of assistant type people chefs need, but then I chickened out.

It's a good thing I got over my celeb stalking in time to see KRTS @ Alphabeta in Greenpoint Thursday night. He did an amazing show, playing a mashup of 80's hip hop.

Lots of people were break dancing. This was not break dancing for suckers. This crew was fantastic- I had never seen anything like this. There were also graffiti artists there, and supposedly even Banksy was there! But no one knew until afterwards.
Then Friday night, I went to see Of Montreal at the Roseland Ballroom. Love Is All opened up and they were really good. However, Of Montreal really took the cake. In addition to having an amazing sound, these guys put on one of the most entertaining stage shows I've ever seen. I mean, I've seen some crazy shows in my day, but this was the first time I've ever seen the lead singer come on stage on a live horse to perform a song. Um... yeah:Also, for their second to last song, they covered Smells Like Teen Spirit, which was out of control awesome. I've never seen a band attempt to cover a Nirvana song- I think it's generally not attempted because it's just too douchey. But for whatever reason, Of Montreal's cover was a complete success. They did a straight forward, energy driven rendition, and the crowd went wild. I have to admit, I did a little head banging.
All in all, it was a great couple days. Now it's time for recovery.

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shibumi said...

of montreal is my most favorite band.