Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Subway Fashion: Hair Edition

It's time for another edition of subway fashion! Today, we will be focusing on hair color. There have been some very interesting new color trends this summer in NYC, most notably on the G train. Apparently if you want to be a really cool hipster, you need to dye your hair bright gray. I spotted this fabulously hip duet waiting for the cross town local:I later sat across from them on the train, where they were studying a magazine, probably something fashionable. Notice how spectacular hipster girl's hair looks under those noen subway lights!And sometimes, the best in hair fashion can also be found outside the subway on the streets on NYC. Moments ago, when returning from my trip to purchase yogurt-covered pretzels at the deli by my work, I noticed this fashion forward woman:
I know it's hard to believe, but the colors of this photo were not altered at all. That is the actual color of her hair! Please note that it has been dyed to compliment her sexy moomoo.

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