Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Saved By The Bell Fun

As if my previous Saved By The Bell Post wasn't enough, now AOL has compiled an in depth slide show of Saved By The Bell cast members, then and now. One of the most exciting updates is the one about Leanna Creel, who played Tori on the last season of the show, replacing Kelly as Zach's love interest. Remember that bad-ass motorcycle chick with scrunchy hair?
Well now she looks like this:

and she has a photography studio where she takes pictures of people throwing babies in the air like this:
Yes, the above picture is taken by Leanna herself. I got it off her photography website. I'm glad she's managed to transform her career into documenting baby throwing. Also, did you know she is a triplet, and one of her sisters was on the Yada Yada episode of Seinfeld? It's true!

The AOL article also gives an update on my favorite SBTB cast member, Dennis Haskins ie: Mr. Belding. Lookin' good Mr. B. Apparently good old Dennis is working on an album of karaoke favorites. It's not available yet, but you can be sure that when it is, a few of the hottest tracks will be on his MySpace page:This album really can't come out soon enough. If he performs the song "I'm Too Sexy"
I think my life will be complete.

Also, I think my work buddy and I have come up with a good reality show for Mr. Belding: Where In the World is Mr. Belding?
In this fabulous educational show, Mr. Belding travels around the world to exciting locations and students will have to guess where he is based on the scenery and landmarks.

What do you think? Should I write Dennis a MySpace message to see if he's interested?


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