Sunday, April 27, 2008

3 Sweet Photoblogs

I love love love wasting time on the internet. If you do too, here are 3 super awesome photoblogs you should check out:

In 2004, Travis Ruse started taking pictures on his NYC subway commute to and from work. Each day, he posted one picture from his underground journey. He continued this process until 2007. The pictures on this site are truly remarkable, not only because the settings and situations are SO familiar (at least to me) but also because the quality of the pictures is so great. Also, Travis has a knack for capturing little slices of life that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Street artist Slinkatchu creates amazing scenes by using hand-painting 1 inch figures as his performance artists. He places these figures in various locations in London and leaves them to fend for themselves. These figurines can be spotted doing anything from sight-seeing to making out, to narrowly escaping bird shit.

This site run by Frank Warren invites people to decorate a postcard illustrating a previously unrevealed secret that is completely truthful. After creating the postcard, the secret teller can anonymously send in the post card. A selection of postcards are chosen each week and are posted on the site each Sunday. Sometimes the secrets are silly, but other times they are more serious like the postcard pictured above stating "She worked for our family for 12 years. Then a gold watch went missing and someone blamed her. She left in tears. A year later, my dad found it in his safe at work. He'd forgotten he'd put it there. We don't know where she is now."

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