Friday, January 4, 2008

There Will Be Kittens

Happy New Year everyone! To bring the year in with cheer, I will share with you a delightful story about my fun neighborhood in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. This morning when I was walking my dog on India St., I noticed that there were some screaming sounds coming from under the pavement. A bunch of workers from the nearby construction site were standing around baffled. Obviously the screaming was coming from a little kitten that they cemented in the road after installing all the new pipelines for the new apartment complex they're building. Poor little kitty, freezing in 30 degree weather, left to die. They started to draw lines on the street and then used their tools to drill into the ground in an attempt to rescue said kitty.

Diggin' for Kitten:

Whoops. Hopefully the poor dear gets rescued and finds a new home above-ground.

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