Monday, November 5, 2007

WGA Strike- Day 1

So the Writer's Guild strike began today which means that people who write for TV and movies are not allowed to do their jobs until the conflict is resolved. For those of you in the dark about this whole thing- writers are trying to get residuals of Internet and DVD sales (rightly so) and the Producer's Guild says no no no. Like the bad Pharaoh.

This also means that there are people picketing and being angry. It also means that screenwriters like my friend Craig (who was 3 weeks shy of completing the last rewrite of his screenplay he's submitting to Universal) are getting fucked in the ass.

Speaking of Universal, I am technically employed by the company so I get to hear it straight from the horse's mouth. Here is an email that they sent to employees today:

We just received word that the Writers Guild of America, the labor union representing many writers in the television and film industries, has called a strike. This is a disappointing development that will have negative consequences for the industry, our viewers and the economy. There’s never been a time of greater change in our industry. It is imperative that entertainment companies and labor unions do their utmost to work together to keep these businesses viable and competitive in a rapidly evolving marketplace. As always, our goal is to deliver quality content to our viewers across all platforms, and we have taken steps to assure we continue to do so.

If they actually cared, they would stop being so unreasonable and give the writers what they want.

Jon Stewart, on the other hand, is the knight in shining armor in this whole debacle. Defamer reports that Stewart will "reach into his own pockets" and pay his writing staff (and the staff of the Colbert Report) for the the next two weeks!

I love that man.

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Robk said...

HAHA! I watched Today's Special too! I'm gonna make a Sam Kreshaw blog! lol