Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What I've Learned This Week

When blizzards happen in Greenpoint, no one plows the streets and buses get stuck. This looks like a job for Mr. Plow.Also? It snows inside my lobby.

Some cats like to wear costumes.

Conroy and Wilcox makes the coolest rings ever.

I've got a great idea for my Halloween costume next year. All I have to do is get red contacts and lose about 40 pounds.


Elizabeth said...

I loves so much about this post.

1.) Mr. Plow reference - loved it! Alan has been singing the Mr. Plow song all winter.

2.) Love those rings - especially the 3rd one down

3.) Please do the Black Swan for Halloween - I'm so going to hold you to that!

Lesley Robin said...

thanks! i've had the mr. plow song in my head all week. also, that third ring down is my very favorite ring in all the land. gray diamonds rule.