Friday, October 1, 2010

Taco Time

So the bridesmaid dress diet has come and gone, and it's time for the Taco Challenge to go into overdrive. Actually, I suppose it's already in full-effect. The moment the dress came off, the tacos came rolling in.

I planned a nice Taco dinner, but of course had to have some pre-taco tacos in Santa Monica at Perry's Beach Cafe. The fish were pretty, pretty, pretty good. The taco innards were simple - cilantro, onions, tomato, and something that looked a lot like the special sauce used on In-N-Out Burger. Tasty, a good amount of spice, but nothing mind-blowing.
Grade: 6.5

Then I headed over to Malo for Taco Night!! Apparently this phenomenon happens every Monday night, so if you live in Silver Lake, I suggest you head on down. There are oh-so-many tacos to choose from, and they start at just $1. You can afford to get enough to fill up a dump truck, so why shouldn't you? Anyways, I tried three varieties of varying qualities:

- Fish Taco
Pretty bland. Not seasoned well, and nothing of note. Pretty meh.
Grade: 4

- Carne Asada
A little better than the fish taco. Just beef and onions - no frills here folks. Bottom line: this taco cannot hold a candle to the deliciously seasoned steak at Calexico.
Grade: 5

- Carnitas
Oh my. Sooo good. A plop of guac was included for good measure. The whole thing practically melted in my mouth.
Grade: 8

Let's get real. None of these California tacos were as good as Calexico. (I just ate Calexico tacos for lunch to be sure, and they're still tops in my book.)


neph-dude said...

I approve of this taco challenge

ELI said...

I am so for this taco challenge, I wish I lived in NY and could take it with you.

BTW: I effing love your bridesmaid pic! DUNZO!