Sunday, October 17, 2010

Robble Robble

I have always been one to dress up for Halloween. In fact, when I was little, I had a re-occurring nightmare that suddenly it was Halloween time and I had forgotten to buy a costume. (!!!) I stressed out so much about this wardrobe amnesia issue that I made a promise to myself at the rope old are of 9 that I would always be sure to prep my costume well in advance of 10/31. This year, some friends and I are joining forces to dress up as one of the most important group of individuals in America's history.

I've collected plenty of inspiration like this:(from Mayor McCheese to be, Perry Crowe) And in my research, have concluded to be a sexy version of Hamburglar. I just had to clarify, in case you thought I might be going as the demonic version:

So to put myself at ease, I decided to start crafting our costumes this weekend. I went to the yarn-riddled, x-mas decor-stuffed, obnoxious children mecca otherwise known as Michaels to gather colored foam. So far Hamburglar is coming along nicely...And after a few angering trial versions, I was able to craft a pretty decent Officer Big Mac mask:After this, Major McCheese should be a breeze right?

Also, in case you were wondering how Hamburglar got his stripes, you can view this historically accurate documentary here:


Nick said...

omg can i have the hamburger tie after you're done with it

ELI said...

Jealous of your costume! Remember when we were "das pubic lousen" back in college? That was rad, but I think this is going to be radder.

ELI said... DID IT GO?

I want pictures!

Game Poker said...

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