Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Men's Figure Skating Costume Awards

Did you watch the men's figure skating short program from the 2010 Olympics last night? I sure as hell did, and the costumes were made up of a delightful mix of story tale frocks, period pieces and items from Christina Aguilera's wardrobe. In honor of this spectacular Olympic fashion, I now present the first annual Floating Robot Men's Figure Skating Fashion Awards.

The award for best villain costume goes to....


Evan Lysacek! Congrats sir - I wasn't aware it was possible to be so freakishly evil while performing a triple toe loop. Bravo. I sincerely hope you win the gold medal. For some reason this outfit reminded me of Lord Licorice from Candyland.

Best Jeggings Go to:

Samuel "sexy" Contesti. Bonus points for that off-the-shoulder overall strap. Meow!

Best 90's Interpretation Goes to...

Takahiko Kozuka, who clearly went back in time and raided my 5th grade boyfriend's closet to find this silk snakeskin print shirt and stonewashed jeans.

Best potential to be a new Gummi Bears cast member goes to...

Jeremy Abbott. If only he remembered to drink his gummiberry juice before his performance.

The Faggiest Moulin Rouge Interpretation goes to...

Johnny Weir, who is about to become my newest TV obsession.

Best Costume in the History of Figure skating goes to...
Vancouver Olympics Figure Skating

Kevin van der Perren for his fabulous skeleton costume. Next stop after the Olympics? Skeletor on ice.

And this concludes the first annul Floating Robot Men's Figure Skating Fashion Awards. Fingers crossed that the ladies will one-up the men in the wacky fashion department.


DEBORAH said...

I watched the short program last night, too and thought your appraisals were right on target. Are you a fan of Be Good Johnny Weir on Sundance too? I LOVE THAT SHOW and I love Johnny Weir.

Betty said...

I just laughed like a pirate at work. AWESOME! Love you Lesley!


Sildenafil said...
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ilove skate said...

Ow i like the skeletons attire! how could he manage to perform with that?

anyway I'm william
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