Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Get Your Stuff Featured

Ummmmm hi. You may have noticed I've been MIA forevah. Sorry peeps, things have been crazy. My brother is in town visiting and we've been partying all over NYC. Pictures to come.
But here's the real reason I've been MIA... I got a new jaerb. I'm working at a place called enter:new media and it's pretty swell.

One of the main accounts I'm working on is called YMI Jeans. I just started a blog for them and I'm trying to incorperate some cool features that will give some love up-and-coming Etsy designers I'm so obsessed with.

Basically, I'm putting together outfits combining YMI's jeans with items made by...YOU! If you make cool clothes, jewelry or purses, email blog@ymijeans.com with a link to your store or blog and your stuff could be featured. Get crackin'!

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