Monday, May 4, 2009

Butterlies and Art

This weekend Galen and I took a trip to DC to visit my mom. We went to so many cool museums, but I think my favorite was the at the Hirshhorn. If you're in the DC area, I highly recommend you take a trip. There's a giant naked dude sitting in the corner who will make your journey worth it. This awesome guy was made by Ron Mueck, an Australian-born hyper-realist sculptor. That's me sitting next to the naked guy, just feeling his pain, trying to take it all in.

There are also some really cool paintings there with pretty colors. I made Galen pose for some fashion shots.
And speaking of pretty colors, we also stopped by the Natural History Museum to go to the butterfly exhibit which was out of control. I saw mother nature in action when I witnessed a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Unfortunately, the butterfly fell to the ground before he could break his wings out of his little cocoon. He was twitching around, trying to get his shit together, but he looked like he was in pretty bad shape. Some 12-year-old girl told us that butterflies need to get their wings out of the sack before they touch the ground or they'll die. It would be a huge bummer to spend a bunch of time waiting to grow a pair of magic wings and then just as you get them, your clumsy ass falls and dies. Poor lil' butterfly. I'm sure Bea Arthur will take care of him in heaven.

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