Monday, April 20, 2009

Turtle on a Leash and other fun weekend happenings

Spring is finally here! Sort of... It was so nice to experience the great outdoors when pesky baby Jesus wasn't busy flooding the city of New York with his rain tears.

Ok, I actually took those pictures a couple weeks ago on my trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and I wanted to brag about my new camera. But seriously, you must go - it might be the best place on earth. This weekend was spent at the "hippest" place on earth: McCarren Park in Williamsburg.

Galen, Pancake and I had a picnic and I wore my fabulous red Marc Jacobs shoes, as pictured above. Please don't think that I'm loaded enough to buy those shoes at market value. Money does not grow on trees in my neighborhood. However! I was able to find them on super-sale at DSW because there is a water stain on one of the toes. Weee!

You know what else we saw at the park? A fucking turtle. On a leash. Yep, you read that correctly.
This asshole wrapped some red masking tape around his hard-shelled friend and attached a rope to his back. Awesome way to score with the ladies, dude.

Another thing we did on Saturday was attend 3 consecutive birthday parties. This is not recommended unless your drinking skills are very sharp. Fortunately for me, I minored in drinking at UCSB, so the all-day drinkathon was not problematic. I just tried to follow the rule that one piece of delicious cake must be consumed per every alcoholic beverage I drank. Here is a picture of the tastiest cake I ate, whose innards consisted of ice cream bars:
Obviously this was a Paula Deen recipe. Them southern folks know how to do it right.

I ended the night in style by blacking out fully-clothed on the couch. Apparently when this happens, Pancake likes to use my head as a pillow.
Silly doggy.

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Sarah said...

that dessert just made my mouth water.