Friday, September 26, 2008

Look who's got a Bracelet

Well the first debate is over, and apparently John McCain has a bracelet. Did you know he got it from a soldier? And Barack Obama ALSO has a bracelet! But he got his from a mother. Well guess what fuckers! Someone else has a bracelet!Yes that's right. I too have a bracelet. And I got mine from Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn, which means it probably came from some hipster who sold her jewelry to buy coke. Some hipster who is being plagued by the recent economic crisis. Some hipster who won't be able to get sushi money out of daddy's WaMu account tomorrow.

My bracelet and I enjoyed several swigs of wine, thanks to Wonkette's fabulous debate drinking game, which you should check out ASAP.

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Karley Meabrod said...

HA! Lesely, this is great