Thursday, August 7, 2008

Leanne Love

I hope you've all been following Project Runway. I sure as hell have, and I just came to a profound PR related revelation: I love Leanne Marshall. Here is a recent IM convo with a friend:

(5:42:07 PM):
ok so there's this girl on etsy who i have been obsessed w/ for awhile
me (5:42:24 PM): and i just realized...
me (5:42:32 PM): it's fucking Leanne!
friend (5:42:43 PM): wait what??
friend (5:42:51 PM): seriously?? from project runway??
friend (5:46:40 PM): you're a leanne stalker and u didn't even know it
me (5:46:41 PM): i kind of can't believe it

How did I figure this out? Well I was doing a google image search to prove that Leanne looks exactly like Kira from The Dark Crystal:
When googling her name, I came across an image of my absolute favorite dress on Etsy that I have been obsessed with for quite some time:
I have been following Leanne's work for several months and have come REALLY close to buying a couple of her dresses but never did. Now the expensive white dress (which I would totally use as a wedding dress) is the only one for sale on her etsy store. D'oh! I should have bought one of her other dresses before she became a TV celebrity. Or maybe I will become simultaneously rich and engaged and will have money and a reason to buy my favorite dress.

Still, I am sort of shocked that I have been obsessively following her work and didn't even realize until now that she is on my fucking favorite TV show. So I guess now I kind of hope she wins. Team Leanne!


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