Sunday, July 13, 2008

Drunk Butterfly

Ok, I've been meaning to write about this for awhile now and I figured it was better late than never. I went to see Sonic Youth play a free show at Battery Park last weekend on the 4th of July. It was fucking rad. I'm normally not super into big shows because
a) i'm really short and it's impossible to see
b) there are so many annoying people there. Mainly smelly dudes who don't care for bathing or deodorant, and over-zealous teenagers who sing all the words to the songs off-key while texting on their cell phones.

But the ticket was free (thanks Andy and Franky!) and I heart Sonic Youth so i decided to quit my bitching and see the show. Sonic Youth rocked so hard. It was almost impossible to believe that this band formed in 1981. Kim Gordon had a stunning animal print dress on and was jumping and dancing around the stage like a little kid. Thurston Moore jumped off the stage with his guitar and did a little crowd surfing. He is by far the coolest 50-year-old dude I have ever seen. It was also amazing to watch the chemistry between Kim and Thurston. They are obviously still madly in love, is evident by this pic taken of them backstage.

The highlight of the show for me was when they played Drunk Butterfly, my absolute favorite Sonic Youth song, from the album Dirty from 1992. Ok, so '92 was a long time ago, which may explain why Kim Gordon forgot the lyrics 1/2 way in to the first verse of the song. It was upsetting at first, and I was worried that they wouldn't finish it. They asked if any girls in the audience knew the song. Of course, I did, but it would have been too nerve wracking and retarded to attempt to sing on stage with Sonic Youth. I couldn't even do that when Nerf Herder asked me to go on stage with them in Santa Barbara. Anyway, luckily some band bitch retrieved the lyrics and they started the song over. Oh man it was so good. It brought back memories of my angry teenage days, chugging vodka from a heathcliff thermos and head banging to that song.

After Sonic Youth, we ended the evening right by watching fireworks on my old roof. The views were pretty darn good, and I was able to snap this picture with my shitty cellphone camera.

Happy late B-day America.

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