Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Lady Wins Top Chef!

Yay! For the first time ever, a female contestant took the gold in Top Chef. Last night was the finale of a season that I consider to be one of the worst, most unwatchable seasons in the history of Top Chef. (Okay, so this was only the 4th season but still.) The final three contestants were:

Stephanie Izard- the talented chef who despite her nervousness in the kitchen, always seemed to come out on top:

Richard Blais- the mad scientist rooster haired guy who made bacon ice cream:

Lisa the Lesbo- ok so that's not really her last name but I don't feel like looking it up. A coworker still denies that this chick is a lesbo, but really, let's have a look:

If you still couldn't tell from the picture, she is openly gay. Anyway, for some reason, Galen HATED Stephanie and thought she shouldn't have won. He claims that she is a smug bitch, and that in the beginning she said something along the lines of, "I'm a great chef and I'm a pretty big deal in Chicago." I don't recall her saying this, but I did notice she got a little sassy when instructing Eric Ripert on how to slice fish. Whatevs. I really wanted a girl to win and I'm really glad it was someone who continuously turned out great dishes. Not that I would actually know-- it's kind of stupid when you think about it. Unlike Project Runway where the viewers at home can actually SEE the product the contestants create, Top Chef is based on the taste of the food which we can't eat. So really, who the fuck am I to judge? This is one reason why the little mobile polls Bravo presents are so silly. "Text in to vote on who you think should win!"

Lisa Lesbo only received 6% of viewer's votes. Galen claims that was unfair because she "made good food" and people only hate her because she is a dyke. While I don't think Lisa's butch appearance made her a pleasure to look at, I have to disagree with Galen's philosophy. Lisa was the "bad guy." The show portrayed her in such a way that viewers had no choice but to hate her. This can be blamed mostly on editing choices, but I've gotta say that when she ratted out Andrew in the "healthy lunch challenge" she pretty much proved herself to be a complete dickwad.

So all in all, I'm glad Stephanie is taking this one home for the ladies. A previous Top Chef contestant, Camille Becerra, is the best chef of all the Top Chefs in my opinion. I have tasted her food with my own mouth, and it's really amazing.


NickD119 said...
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NickD119 said...

I'm behind you on Stephanie.

Galen and I already had this conversation. I've come to the conclusion that he hates people from Chicago and wants them all to die via nuclear holocaust.

I just think he doesn't like their pizza.