Monday, May 19, 2008

Subway Fashion

It's time for another edition of Subway Fashion. This episode comes to you from a 4AM trip home on the lovely L train. The focus here is on accessories. It's important to be able to accessorize properly, as doing so can really make your outfit pop. If you're unsure of what I'm talking about, let me present you with exhibit A: How awesome is this dude? His bag of flowers really brings out the lovely hue of his green shirt. If you'll notice, the girl sitting next to this fashion maven has a look on her face that reads "Oh shit! Where do I get me a bag o' flowers?"

1 comment:

lilsubwaycrybaby said...

I'm always so afraid to post peoples' pics on the net. But you make my courageous. I can't wait.
4am? I was probably on that train.