Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sub Pop is the New itunes

Pitchfork is reporting that Sub Pop (the record label of my beloved Pixies and many other awesome bands) has just opened up a digital download store. The Sub Pop library will include several tunes from their catalogue as well as new releases and rare singles. Finally! I can download the Breeder's Safari EP I lost oh-so-lawng-ago! Thank you Sub Pop for providing a another way to drain my already-dwindling bank account.

But this is actually pretty rad- Sub Pop is being very generous about file sharing and using your account on multiple computers:

"You can download the files you've purchased from your account page at any time and multiple times-- if we update the download in any way (think bitrate or bonus tracks or whatever), you can just log in, go to your download page, and get the new version of the file."

I'm already salivating.

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