Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mrs. Scanlon cost me 1 Million Dollars

After watching an amazing clip of Shirley MacLaine on Today from Jezebel, I couldn't help but be reminded again of a ridiculous bet I made with Craig Cox in high school.

Do you remember Scott from 90210? Maybe? Let me jump start your memory...

Now, do you remember his mother? The woman who went insane after Scott committed suicide and showed up on David's doorstop trying to pawn off all of her dead son's shit on him? Good.

Well for some reason I was convinced that the actress who played Scott's mom, better known to her 90210 neighbors as Mrs. Scanlon, was played by Shirley MacLaine. I was so sure of this that I bet Craig $1,000,000.00 that this was the case. Sadly, I was wrong. The actress who played Scott's mom was the ulta-talented Jenny O'Hara. Duh! So now I owe Craig a million bucks, but as I still cannot afford to pay my rent, he's gonna have to way awhile for me to remit payment. But let's take a look, it was an honest mistake:

<-- Jenny O'Hara

<-- Shirley MacLaine



robk said...

"I can edit it myself, Donna!!! ...look, Scott liked to play with guns... and wear stupid cowboy hats to school, ok - that's he shot himself all over that rug" said...

that shit was awesome. also, i caught a recent episode of 'tory and dean inn love' and they were in scotland to check out b&bs and she ate some haggis and then came back to announce in a terrible stage whisper, 'we have to leave immediately, i just had explosive diarrhea and the toilet won't flush!'

and that's when i knew the glory days of 90210 were long gone. said...

yeah, that was kinda a tangent.

robk said...

donna martin graduates.